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Under the circumstances of large scale mediated cultural programs, which are characterized by media-integrated design dynamics and transclassical intermediation of contents, the potentials of micro-communities and project supported cooperative works are more and more influenced by test-environments and experimental think tanks. Thereby, prototyping, device modding and artistic re-assembling of media artifacts are one of the core domains for project based development of artistic ideas and goals. Within the adaptive configuration of artifact and media forms, the mixed use of analog and digital formats of media reaches new models of abstraction utilities and gradiates of artificial hybridization. Coinstantaneously with the expansion of accessible information through the global rise of the net, the self-empowerment of actors and groups take over the dominant field of expert based production and distribution.

The category ASSEMBLING THINGS is presenting contents and contexts related to artifacts, physical developments and experimental designs based on playful production paradigms. Therefore, the outcomes, prototypes and experimental settings of creative developments and projects are equivalent with the circumstances of delineation, development and the conditions of creation and distribution.

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