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The complexity of today’s media-realities and -cultures constantly raises questions about new artistic developments and emerging forms of creativity. The heterogenic and multinational distribution of data, information and communication has led to a highly complex field of forms and contents. Under these conditions models, abstracts, methods and prototypes bonded in communities and projects assign new pre-forms of organized creation and development. For this reason, the special interest is to bring the potentials of imaginative processes, delineations and developments of early adopting peer-individuals and -groups from the field of digital media related artforms into focus. The parameters of DESIGNING COMPLEXITY address people and projects which push the borders between established disciplines of artistic and cultural fields.
The topic DESIGNING COMPLEXITY would as well put forward a critical point of view. The digital realm must be understood as a form of social programming and as a mode of making profit. Therefore the digital mode of production is a new formation of techno-capitalist-labor condition of financial capital logic. The digital realm reinforces commodification and computerization of its users, preventing processes of de-coloniality and de-linking from the financial capital to take place. It fits perfectly in the new division of labor necessary for financial capitalism to make profit and to rationalize its system of exploitation. Designing complexity means designing as well a grammar of a critical view of these complexities.

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