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Related to the contents of the festival, the topic Expanding Locality questions the vectors of locality, space, place and the patterns of presence and absence in hyperconnected and multisensoric environments. The role of the artist (e.o. Geohackers, Locative Media Artists, Psychogeographers, Cross Reality Gamers) goes beyond the design of context-aware and ubiquitous service and surveillance-culture. Furthermore, these developments enforce processings and practices of artistic and creative models dealing with experimental locality, cybernetic localization, multifactoral layers of reality. The connectivity and transformation options of artistic projects open new potentials, through media technologies, communication and tracking gadgets. From another point of view, remote computing and tele-presence transform the abstraction paradigm of humankind appearance and action, which are combined with multiactional artifacts fomenting new methods of action and communication. 

The category EXPANDING LOCALITY mediates people and projects, which mainly deal with contexts of locality, dislocation, cross realities, experimental environments, embodiment a.s.o. Under the perspective of mobile, locative, geo-spazial and mixed-reality arts and cultures, it is questioning or outlining new ways to activate the consideration and discussion about place, space, presence, absence, mobility and corporality.

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