Kentaro Shimura

kentaro shimura portrait Kentaro Shimura
Kentaro Shimura (Artist / Japan)
Group: SHIMURABROS. (with Yuka Shimura)
Participation: Presentation

Title: SEKILALA – Bio Furniture

Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1979. 2003 he graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, College of Art Department of Cinema. A Sister/Brother artist duo, Yuka and Kentaro SHIMURABROS. create works of motion images in formats such as media art, film and installation. A new expression of imagery is achieved through their inventions. ‘X-ray train’ has award winners for the Yokohama Creative Area Competition.’SEKILALA-3 screen installation’ presents the concept of live furniture which has been screened at Transgenesis exhibition in Czech Academy of Science and also 2007 Cannes International Film Festival. On December 5, 2008- February 15, 2009 ‘Hibernation / ART RINK’ 9m hight public media art being held at the plaza, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1. Web: